DFA is proudly sponsored by various Academic and Corporate Partners.


Corporate SPONSORS

Design for America works with top corporations from throughout the US to help companies access top millennial talent and infuse their company with new ideas.

We currently offer 2 main corporate sponsorship opportunities: Sponsored Projects and Leadership Studio. If you’re interested, email us at info@designforamerica.com.


Sponsored Projects are 9 week engagements with 25-30 top students from our growing network of over 600 students from top universities throughout the US. Through these engagements you get access to millennial innovators for their talent pipeline, gain new perspectives on you users and new product concepts, and infuse your company with fresh perspectives through employee engagement.

Sample Sponsored Projects Summaries:


Leadership Studio brings together 80 top students from 25 top universities from around the country to learn about design, social innovation, and creative leadership.  During this four-day fast-paced training students will tackle a local and social challenge while developing their leadership skills to bring these practic-es back to their campuses.  Sponsoring the DFA Leadership Studio is the most effective way to build a relationship between your brand and DFA’s nationwide network of millennial innovators and creative problem-solvers.

Sample Leadership Studio Sponsorship:



DFA is Proudly Sponsored by:




  • Extend Your Brand
  • Recruit Top Millennial Talent
  • Innovate Your Company

Our ideal sponsors are companies who are passionate about innovation, embrace user centered design, have a clear process for new concept development, value student learning, and are looking to provide a welcoming work place for millennial talent. If that sounds like your company, we’d love to hear from you!

Interested in joining as a sponsor? Sign-up in our interest form below to set up a call! 



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