DFA Leadership Studio is Our Signature Training Event

DFA LS is a five-day design sprint and leadership conference designed to prepare the best leaders in our network for the upcoming year. Each year DFA LS tackles a local social issue in interdisciplinary teams. In addition to the basics of design innovation, students learn ways to manage and organize their studios while creating friendships that last a lifetime. Throughout the weekend, top social innovators and DFAlumni relay their own stories and help teams connect the work they do as DFAers to the skills they will use in the future.


Student Leaders

Leadership Studio is often one of our members' most memorable experiences. DFAers form new friendships with like-minded people from all different schools, while building confidence and skills in creativity, iteration, resourcefulness, and communication.

Sponsors and Partners

Partner organizations leverage insights from the weekend to illuminate important issues and help the people they serve. Sponsors build relationships and connect with student leaders.

Interested in partnering or sponsoring LS17? Let us know.

Leadership Studio Design Challenges