Partner with DFA!

DFA National Projects offer students and partners unique opportunities to engage and tackle timely social innovation initiatives important to corporate stakeholders. Students benefit from DFA design process facilitation and real-world experience while companies gain insight and ideas from the next generation of change makers.

Collaborate with unique, interdisciplinary, nationwide talent from top universities. DFA student teams dive into a fast-paced design process on a pre-scoped topic, immersing in the problem through interviews and observations, identifying key insights, and creating works-like prototypes.


Gain valuable insights about customer experience, while reimagining systems and services through prototypes developed by young design thinkers passionate about social good.

Support local community organizations that unite with students in their city to tackle an initiative identified by DFA National and your company.

National Facilitated Projects

1 Uncover insights and explore new concepts for a socially impactful challenge directly related to your business
2 Interact with 20-25 students on 5 campuses over the course of 3 months
3 Showcase student work during an expo held at your headquarters and introduce your company directly to students

Network Impact Challenge

1 Challenges offered to the DFA network that align with company mission and values 
2 Insights and findings shared back with the sponsor 
3 Opportunity for company recognition through social media and DFA website, reaching over 1,300 students, 40 campuses, 100 faculty members and community partners 

Let us know you’re interested in partnering with DFA and young designers nationwide for social good.

National Project Stories