We created this guide to help teams understand and apply the skills and values of human-centered design to address social challenges.

This guide is the product of extensive testing with many DFA students, partners, and support network. We are extremely grateful to all of the design and education thought leaders who collaborated with us in creating this handbook and are pleased to share that this process received the Core77 Education Award in 2014. Learn more!

We encourage you to share this document with others interested in human-centered design. We just ask that you respect the Creative Commons license!

Also at work is a digital version of this guide, which can be found at Loft.io, complete with more specific technical instruction, additional questions to consider, and successful case studies from the DFA network.

We are continually working to improve this resource and welcome your feedback. Please email us at process@designforamerica.com to tell us more about how you use the guide and to share any comments or questions. Thank you!