Flood Rug

Nationally, flooding accounts for over eight billion dollars in of property damage per year.  In the Great Lakes region, seasonal flooding is very common, causing damage to property and living spaces.

Flood Rug, a project from DFA Northwestern, is an area rug that functions normally until a homeowner believes there is a risk of flooding. Then, the rug quickly becomes a protective blanket, folding up around furniture exposing its waterproof underside to any water that has infiltrated the home and saving the furniture from damage. In March 2015, the Flood Rug team delivered three Flood Rugs to families in the Midlothian, IL community. One community member, who is still using their product today, said the rug is "helping me sleep at night."

Thank you to the Midlothian community and the Center for Neighborhood Technology for working with the Flood Rug team.

Team members: Claire McCloskey, Haley Koch, Jackson Kirk, Ebay Vaniyapun

Fall 2013 - Spring 2015