Jerry the Bear

How can we help diabetic children care for themselves?

Current Project Stage → Build/Test

186,000 children in the US are living with diabetes. This not only means a life-long disease, but  children must also quickly adapt to a new lifestyle of restricted foods and daily shots from their parents, which can be confusing and upsetting.

Jerry the Bear prepares children for the changes they will experience. Children learn how to take care of themselves by taking care of Jerry the Bear with diabetes, giving insulin shots, monitoring his diet and measuring glucose levels.

Project Updates:

  • 2014 Successful IndieGoGo Campaign
  • 2013 Perfect Pitch Prize Winner
  • 2012 $300k Round of Funding
  • 2012 BetaSpring Incubator $14k Seed Funding
  • 2011 Dell Social Innovation Competition $4k Fellowship
  • 2010 Entrepreneurial Idol 2nd Place $1k NUventions prize winner
  • 2009 National Diabetes Mine $5K prize winner
For full updates, check out Jerry the Bear’s Website and Press Here.

DFA Studio → Northwestern 2009
Co-Founders → Aaron Horowitz and Hannah Chung


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