Right Angle

How can we use less water to wash dishes in a cafeteria?

Current Project Stage → Build/Test

Each lunch period, cafeteria staff use 300 gallons of water to remove leftover food. Instead of placing dishes directly on the conveyer belt, leaving large amounts of food waste, the Right Angle intuitively informs the user to first remove the plates leftovers, significantly reducing the amount of water needed to clean each plate.

In a 1-day testing period, the Right Angle reduced the target water use by 41.52% per capita. At Northwestern alone, that is a 1/4 of a million gallons of water saved annually (projected). Our goal is to save millions of gallons wasted unnecessarily by making our solution viable for every facility that uses a conveyor belt dish system across the country.

DFA StudioNorthwestern
Community Partner → Sodexo
Student Lead → Thea Klein-Mayer, Environmental Science ’12

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