We design tools for the network and beyond. Use these resources to apply creativity, design, and innovation to social challenges. 

DFA Process Guide 

A comprehensive blueprint to the DFA design innovation process. Written in collaboration with early DFA students, the Process Guide outlines how to apply the skills and values of human-centered design to address social challenges. We continue to be inspired by the range of innovators around the world who put it to use.

Online Loft Guides

Human-centered design process guides tailored to DFA Studio leadership structures and team formats. Using the same methods and tools as in the DFA Process Guide, this online platform meets studio and team leadership needs, providing examples from DFA studios to explain specific design steps or leadership strategies.

Design Sprint Guide

Interested in leading a design sprint on campus or at work? Let DFA help you create a program that teaches design innovation skills, generates workable solutions, and exemplifies core values of human centered design. Whether this sprint is 2 hours or 2 days, the tools and resources included in this guide are designed to help the organizer keep teams on track.


The fast-paced card game challenges teams to rapidly build mockups to meet unique user needs. Created by our partners in the Delta Lab at Northwestern, the creativity game and oh-so popular staple of DFA workshops is now available for purchase.

DFA Swag Shop

You can’t innovate unless you’re having fun. Thanks to Threadless, all DFA members and fans can have DFA swag. Shop t-shirts, sweatshirts, housewares, and accessories, and give back to DFA!