We created this tool to help you identify social challenges that are Daring, Feasible, and Applicable to tackle in student-led teams.

The Scoping Wheel was developed based on the expertise and practice of design educators and students alike. The tool provides guidelines for the often lengthy process of project scoping for students seeking to apply their learnings to a real-world problem.

They are Daring. Projects must be meaningful and add tangible value to local communities.

They are Feasible. Projects must be accessible for the team to make real world, practical applications.

They are Applicable. Projects start local, but must also have the potential to scale and address problems in other communities.

Challenges that meet these criteria are more likely to lead to impactful solutions and keep teams motivated through the ups and downs of the design process. You can read more about this tool and how to use it in the DFA Process Guide, a comprehensive blueprint of our design process.

We encourage you to share this tool with others interested in tackling social challenges in their community. We just ask that you respect the Creative Commons license!

We are always improving how we define DFA projects and would love your feedback. Please email us at process@designforamerica.com to tell us more about how you use the Scoping Wheel and to share any comments or questions. Thank you!